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Geo News was launched in November 2005 having its main headquarter in Karachi. Geo News Liv in basically operated by very famous Jang Group playing its important role in public awareness from last few decades ,specially through print media in Pakistan. People prefer to watch Geo news instead of CNN,and BCC, or other local channels because of its transmission in national language Urdu. Secondly use to broadcast sizzling live talk shows on current issues so that people can came to know about both the negative and positive aspects of the matter but also the veiled realities actually behind the exposed truth publically. its basically a sub channel of Geo TV which was launched in May 2002.Geo TV Pakistan is Pakistan Television Network and it was piloted by an independent media corporation. After successful test of on 14th of August 2002 or we can say on the 55th birthday of our beloved homeland Geo TV live streaming were launched in October 1st 2002. Live Geo channel is fastly growing in Pakistan and not only has it had a very high rating among many satellite delivered TV channels besides that Geo Market has wide range of distribution because of its unique features, versatile programs and sizzling Live. Geo has an excellent approach and coverage of breaking news right after the happening .People living in other areas can get to know about that at once with in no time.

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